Six facts we must know and act upon

Although great efforts are being made through campaigns – some even starting from the Prime Minister’s office and go down to the panchayat level – it seems a lot more id yet to be done and each conscious individual has to play a significant role in ensuring the success of such campaigns.

Each one of us has to understand the root cause of the evil of discrimination and why or why should the practice be discouraged. Here are a few facts that we all must know.

  1. Although we all know that, educated women play a key role in the social and economic development of the country. In Asia, India has the ‘lowest’ rates of female literacy. Surely something we need to do something about considering the world is looking at India as the Asia’s superpower.
  1. Educating a woman uplifts her life as well as the quality of her life and her entire family. An educated woman supports the education of her children especially the girl child and imbibes right attitude and morals. She ensures independent and progressive outlook of her children. Hence, it only makes sense to empower the women to call India a progressive nation.
  1. The key question is why most women in India are not educated? The answer is attributed to the fact the country has a biased outlook towards the education of women. A section of society has conventional mindset and sees girl child as a liability. Another contributing factor is the rapid growth of the population. Most Indian households have a number of children whose needs are much higher than their earning capacity. This leads to the neglect of the girl’s education and boys get to go to school.
  1. Educating an Indian woman creates a vital opportunity for the social and economic development of India. An educated Indian woman will yield a positive impact in the Indian society by contributing positively to the economy of both the country and the society.
  1. An educated woman reduces the chances of her child not living beyond the age of five – the issue that the country has been fighting for decades.

An educated woman increases the chances of controlling the population explosion – the major obstacle holding the country’s growth – as an educated woman is likely to marry at a later age and understands the importance of having a small family that she can manage well.

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