Once victim of gender discrimination, Girisha now leads community initiatives

Born to a daily-wage earner with uncertainties of getting regular meals in a gender biased community, being able to pass tenth grade was an achievement in itself for Girisha. And that probably would have been her last achievement too as her father would not have been able to afford higher education and nor would her community accept seeing a girl going for higher studies.

Thankfully, the youth leaders of Hamari Pari initiative met Girisha and found out the potential in this enthusiastic girl. They enrolled her as a community youth leader under the programme and made her the leader of the community. After a few orientation sessions, Girisha transformed into a leader who now encourages many girls like her to come out, play and learn. She now encourages girls to study, become strong enough to live an independent life and break the stereotypical gender bias.

“Prior to joining this programme, I was quiet and reserved and used to feel nervous while interacting with people. I did not even have little courage to speak to my immediate neighbours. Thanks to the friends from the Hamari Pari programme who showed me the courage and confidence that I had hidden somewhere inside me. I do not fear anyone anymore. They even sensitized the whole community and made them understand the significance of gender parity.

“With just a few months of enrolling for Hamari Pari, I have this positive hope. I am starting my education again, will soon enrol for higher studies and pursue my dream of becoming an engineer.”

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