Hamari Pari Alla, a short story of a little change –

Insignificant social status, family’s financial compulsions with father Atchuta Rao being a daily-wage earner and three younger siblings to be taken care of, 18-year-old Alla  Sravani’s life in  Asivanipallem in Viskhapatanam can be imagined as depressing. However, unlike many girls who are brought up hopelessly in her situation, Alla has an interesting story to tell. She is the ‘youth leader’ of her community and is already seen as a role model for many young girls within the community for confidence and positivity.

Not that Alla was born with some extraordinary luck or had hit some treasure that changed her life. It was just that she had met some good friends  who helped her in overcoming the stress that she was living under, encouraged her to fight her challenging life and guided her as well as her family in deciding a right life path for her.  They helped in building the girl’s confidence through sports and motivated her to continue school.

These friends of Alla are the volunteers or grassroots workers of Magic Bus, a non-government organization that is one of the implementing partners of Hamari Pari programme that aims to empower lakhs of girls like Alla across India.

“…  I used to feel nervous all the time and mostly remained quiet. I always used to worry about the consistent financial crisis that my family has been going through and that made me think that I have a bleak future.

“Hamari Pari programme showed me the silver lining and now I realize that all that I need to change my life is the right guidance and the belief that I am no different and I am certainly not underprivileged.  I’ll always be grateful to Hero MotoCorp for reaching out to girls like me, as a youth leader, I will also make sure that more girls like me enrol in the programme that promises as better future to us all,” says Alla.

Alla has recently completed her schooling and is looking forward to joining a skill development programme that could give her financial freedom as well as the exposure to grow as an independent individual. Moreover, apart from being the beneficiary of the project, Alla is also the community youth leader of the Hamari Pari programme and engages with young girls to ensure that they are inspired and motivated to fight the odds and live a dignified life.

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