The art of balancing and cornering a motorcycle

Motorcycles have an advantage over two-wheelers when it comes to treading on to several paths where many vehicles cannot go, especially the uneven and sometimes non metalled roads and sharp curves and corners. However, before hitting such terrains, the rider must learn the art of ‘balancing’ well on the motorcycle.

Here are a few tips on ‘balancing’: 

  • Your riding posture is crucial on these roads.
  • A standing posture helps especially while going on the pothole.
  • Use your elbows and knees to absorb the shock.
  • Keep your weight on both legs.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Lift your hips from the seat, stretch you back, lean slightly forward and look ahead.

Here are a few ‘cornering’ tips:

  • Cornering requires complete mastering of braking, acceleration and balancing.
  • Learning how to roll the throttle effectively will help you maintain your balance.
  • Keep your head perpendicular to the road surface and maintain your correct riding posture for better control.
  • Always slow down before entering the turn (Curve) and accelerate only after completing the turn.
  • Cornering should never be done at high speeds.

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