Beware of the oil on the road; it’s a slippery affair

In most parts of the country, especially on rural roads as well as highways that are frequented by trucks, you sometimes find oil and diesel spilled on the road. Such oil spills are hazards that are all potentially dangerous traps for two-wheeler riders. Riding through the oil, especially when cornering or turning can make the tyres to slip and loosen their grip on the road that can result in a fall.

In order to prevent such an accident, the rider needs to be a bit careful and keep in mind the following tips:

  • If you are passing by vehicle repair workshops, there is a possibility of oil on the road around them. So ride slow and be cautious of such spills.
  • If you observe a broken down truck at a distance, there is a possibility of oil spill around it.
  • In case you are approaching an oil spill or a mud patch, decelerate the throttle and keep handle bar straight. Do not try curving through the oil patch.
  • While passing through the oil or a mud patch or even the stagnant water, maintain the slow speed (do not increase or decrease) and do not push the brakes or change gears.

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