Beginning the two-wheeler fun – Getting the right gear

Riding gear is extremely important for the protection of a two-wheeler rider. May be the safety gear you choose cannot prevent an accident, but it can surely make all the difference if something does happen.

Here is quick guide on safety gear


Your motorcycle helmet may be the single most important piece of equipment you own. You need to find one that protects you properly. A proper helmet fits well, keeps your field of vision open, and provides comfort. Yes, it also shields your pretty face from pollution.

  • Buying the right helmet may not mean you have to get the most expensive helmet loaded with features. If you are a regular rider, keep it simple but make sure your helmet is at least ISI (IS 4151) standard.
  • As for the colour, choose a bright colour, preferably yellow. A full mask helmet provides better protection.
  • Always ride with a helmet properly strapped and insist on a helmet for you pillion rider as well.

Knee Pad, Elbow Pad and Gloves

It is generally not talked about much because it is not mandatory as per the law. However a set of riding knee pads and elbow pads along with proper pair of gloves are quite essential safety features. While helmet will prevent your skull, the pads are for the crucial joints’ protection and the gloves keep your knuckles safe.

Shoes and full sleeve dresses

Wearing a shoe that covers feet as well as a full-sleeves shirt/top is understandably safer than riding two-wheeler while wearing footwear that would make your feet vulnerable in case of a crash. Similarly, full sleeves clothes will provide little protection to arms from bruises, etc.

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