12 actions that make you a ‘Hero’ on road

Well, no. The biking action sequences and those stunts that you see in movies do not make you a hero on the road. On the road, the real hero is the one who is bothered about his and others’ safety, rides with patience, is courteous towards others and, of course, does not break the law.

Here are a few actions of the real riding heroes on road.

  • They observe traffic rules, respect road signs and are as much careful about others’ safety as much as they are for theirs. .
  • They ride in their own lane and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • They are not into hasty overtaking and are patient enough for the right time to overtake from right side.
  • They avoid zig-zag riding or weaving through the traffic.
  • They never cross the yellow line while overtaking.
  • When negotiating a roundabout, they riders do not forget to move in a clockwise direction and make way for the traffic on their right.
  • They indicate (use indicators) well in time before taking a turn and move to the correct lane in advance.
  • They are courteous and halt well before the stop line to allow pedestrians cross the road.
  • They understand the use of the horn and do not honk unnecessarily at traffic intersections.
  • They respect traffic signals and never jump red or amber lights.
  • You will never see a real hero riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • When riding, they never use their mobile phones.

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